Collection: Winter 19/20

I´m always particularly inspired by the North.
For this season, I embraced the frigid Arctic, the stark tundra and the majestic mountains.

I’m incorporating warm and dense furs into my collection, with a natural color scheme ranging from crisp grays to soft light browns.

All pieces are, as always, hand made, some of which are exclusively
one-of-a-kind, and all of the natural furs are recycled, keeping with the brand’s ethical slow-fashion ethos.

There is so much beauty in the starkness. It gives uncompromised space for your being. You will feel one with the nature and the nature will greet you with her delicate soul.
It is true beauty, don’t you agree?

All pieces are designed and tailored by Marko Svart
Additional stitching & assistance: Momo Hayashi
Photography by: Cat Gundry Beck
Model: Sunna Axels