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Unisex / One Size

The KAARNIKKA Harem Pants are made from a blue contemporary denim-inspired cotton fabric. The stretch rib cuffs are 100% Icelandic wool. Side seam pockets, and elastic waist. An eye-catching casual piece for any day of the winter season.

The name Kaarnikka is Finnish for Empetrum nigrum, or crowberry, a flowering plant species in the heather family Ericaceae with a near circumboreal distribution in the northern hemisphere.

In subarctic areas, Kaarnikka has been a vital addition to the diet of the Inuit and the Sami. They harvest it for food, sometimes storing in quantity for winter, and like it mixed with lard or oil. The fruits are usually collected in fall, but if not picked they may persist on the plant and can be picked in the spring.


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100% Cotton
Rib knit: 100% Icelandic wool


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