SPÖKNÄT Knot Earrings (Blue)

4 960 kr. 3 968 kr.


Ghost nets (Swedish: Spöknät) are fishing nets, left or lost in the ocean by fishermen. These nets, often nearly invisible in the dim light, can be left tangled on a rocky reef or drifting in the open sea. They often entangle fish, dolphins, sea turtles, whales, and other creatures. Acting as designed, the nets restrict movement, causing starvation, laceration and infection, and suffocation in those that need to return to the surface to breathe.


Old-fashioned fishing nets were often biodegradable. These days however, the fishing industry uses “modern” nets made from strong plastics or nylon, which will as a consequence drift in the oceans for hundreds of years.


Unlike synthetic fishing nets, biodegradable fishing nets decompose naturally under water after a certain period of time. Coconut fibre fishing nets are commercially made and are hence a practical solution that can be taken by fishermen.



Also available in green.






Stainless steel




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