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nebulous nexus : works 1-6

Marko Svart is a Finnish/Swedish multidisciplinary artist and designer, based in Reykjavik since 2017.
His work range includes performance, conceptual art, installation, fashion design, film and music.
He is also the owner and designer of the fashion brand Svartbysvart.

Svart is often working with recurring themes of:
Expressionism, catharsis, psychoanalysis & cognitive dissonance, conflict ambivalence, Nordic melancholy, cultural exploration about artistry, as well as philosophies of life/death.

He often plays with the idea of art affecting the artist, instead of the other way around.

Striving to use his broad range of skills and different Nordic homes, Svart creates a unique and personal form of art, constantly challenging himself and examining the relationship between art, the artist and the audience.

“For me, creating and artistry is a whole existence and I believe in the importance of using art for personal, internal exploration as a creator and human.”