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latest release

debut album coming in 2023

duo project - sång, sax & slagverk

Sång, Sax & Slagverk is a Swedish music ensemble, balancing between jazz and pop, gentle whispers, weird melodic ramblings, and repeated pursuits to connect with the listener in unusual and unconventional sound territories.

The root of the project is developed and conducted by Marko Svart and Sofia Arale, but they frequently involve instruments and improvisation from other musicians, which gives their music a unique and peculiar liveliness. Nearly all of their live shows are completely different in musical setting, often using new instruments and musicians to further challenge themselves and the audience in innovative ways.

Since their release of the contemporary debut album Om fjällsyror, they have been touring in both Sweden and Iceland and are currently composing new music to be released in the near future.

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latest release
debut album