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nebulous nexus #3


white ink on black paper (acid free, 300g/m2)

dimensions: 24×32 cm

signed in the back


nebulous nexus : works 1 – 6
during my residency in paris, being alone inside my mind in a completely foreign country, i began thinking a lot about the meaning and importance of the strength, or lack of, different types of connections, first emotional and psychological, then scientific, bio- and neurological.
i have always been interested in the study of synapses, often relating it to human relationship and communication. there is a process known as synaptic plasticity, which strengthens of weakens synapses over time, causing either progress or deterioration. similarly, relationships can evolve and adapt, becoming stronger or weaker through shared experiences or exchanges. Furthermore, in relationships, emotional responses are triggered by the exchange of feelings, creating a parallel in the way electrical impulses and emotions play a role in both systems.
connections are both abstract and scientifically evident.
in biology, the vast underground fungal networks form symbiotic relationships with plants, crucially important to the eco-system. recent science proved that fungal networks are also able to transfer information between plants that can include warnings about potential threats, such as herbivores, allowing plants to activate defense mechanisms and fostering resilience.
i am thinking a lot about connections, junctions, correspondences, intervowenness, and emotional structures, relativities and exchanges.
there is a reason i decided to use white ink on black paper. although alone inside my mind, the surrounding network of relations and emotions move me constantly.